frequently asked questions

What does your price include?

Our price includes set up and pack all hired machines and equipment. we will have everything set up before your allocated time. so all you need to do is enjoy!!

Can you set up a jumping castle in a park?

Yes we can, you may need to get permission from the council and there must be a power outlet, if not you need to organise a generator.

What access is required to set up and deliver all equipment hired?

We will need a clearance of 1mtr, please consider any obstacles for example, air conditioner units or hot water tanks.  Also if have any pets, please make sure they are restrained and that the area is clear of any droppings.  

What is your cancel policy?

If you cancel within  7 days  of your event date, there is a $30 fee. However if you have to cancel due to weather or before 7 days, there is no cancellation fee.

What happens if it rains?

All our equipment can handle light rain and if your event is still on we are happy to deliver and set up, however if there is severe wind and rain we would recommend rescheduling or cancelling, there is no fee if this is the case. 

Do you have insurance?

Yes we do have public liability insurance, a copy is available on request.

What happens if the equipment gets damaged in my care?

If any equipment is damaged or needs any extra care, you will be liable to pay for all cost required.  In Hiring all equipment you will be asked to sign a hire contract, which will be given to you on the day.  

Please note that the following will stain the vinyl on our jumping castles and will result in an automatic $400 fee: Streamers, poppers, silly string, Face paint also stains, so please make sure that all children's faces are completely dry before they jump. 

How safe are your jumping castles for hire?
Our jumping castles are very safe. All our units have their own safety certificates to ensure that all castles meet our very strict, stringent safety and compliance rules we have for our company.

​How is payment made and when?
Payment can either be made via direct deposit into our bank account (must be cleared by 2 days prior to event) or by eftpos or credit card. We also accept CASH payment to our driver on delivery. Personal cheques are NOT accepted on the day.

Our drivers can also accept credit card payments on the day.  If using credit card or eftpos there are surcharges, we do not charge any more then what is actually charged to us by Square Eftpos. Our current surcharges are as follows:
- Visa & Mastercard 1.9% 
- Amex and Diners 2.2%

Is your equipment clean?
YES! All of our wonderful equipment is checked after every hire* or after each weekend to ensure it is clean and is disinfected. If you make a mess on our equipment, we ask that you clean it up as quickly and safely as possible. A cleaning charge may be incurred if there is substantial mess and this may be taken out of your deposit. Our definition of normal dirt is a little bit of sign the castle has been used, however if there is rubbish left inside, or excessive mud or excessive amount of leaves, this will incur the additional cleaning charge. 

What time do you deliver and collect the castles?
We provide flexible delivery and collection times. However, typically we will deliver units early in the morning and collect late in the evening or the next morning. We will always setup at least 30 mins before your party begins. 

How much space is required for a jumping castle hire?
You must provide an additional 1 metre at the front and back of the bouncy castle for the placement of the blower and to provide easy access. We also recommend that you leave 1 metre on either side of the castle

Do you reserve the right to cancel my booking?
- Yes we reserve the right to cancel your booking for the following reasons:

- Rain, storm or high wind warning

- Prediction of more then 40% chance of rain for some castles and slide

- Vehicle accidents or break downs of our vehicles

- When deposits haven't been made before delivery date

- If a customer rings up less then 48 hours before delivery trying to change their order or castle (you can only change by adding on additional items, but you cannot change castle or castle design less then 48 hours before delivery, even for a last minute booking)

Can the inflatable be in contact with walls or trees?
Unfortunately not, as it will damage the vinyl on the inflatable. When we deliver the inflatable we will survey the area and place it to avoid contact with these damaging surfaces.

How does the inflatable stay blown up?
Our inflatables are all constant air inflatables. It is therefore continually filled with air which comes from an electric blower. The blower is connected to your power supply by a sealed, heavy duty extension cord supplied by us. Electricity usage is minimal however we can only place two blowers on each circuit. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the wiring/power is strong enough to handle our blowers. We operate on 1.5hp and 2hp blowers, depending on which blower it does require either 1000watts or 1500watts of power. In some old halls or locations the wiring may not be strong enough resulting in lower revolutions of the blower, causing not much air pressure to be applied. The best way to check is with a voltage metre, we rarely have this problem and in the past 4 years of operation have only encountered this 3 times. If this occurs we cannot be held responsible or give a refund as power supply in a location is the responsibility of the client.